11 essentials you’ll need to keep on trucking

Veteran or novice, no long-distance trucker should get behind the wheel without making sure their cab is fully equipped to handle life on the open road. Here are 11 things you should never leave home without.

1. De-icer. If you’re going to face frigid weather, you’ll want to bring some de-icer. It’ll allow you to clear your windshield with minimal effort and ensure good visibility.

2. Toiletries and medications. It’s easy to remember to bring some cash for emergencies and enough clothing to last the entire trip, but don’t forget to bring deodorant, soap, oral hygiene products and any medication you might need in addition to the basics included in your first aid kit.

3. First aid kit. No truck should be without a first aid kit. Many companies offer regulation kits specifically stocked for people who drive commercial vehicles. These include the necessary supplies to deal with common roadside injuries.

4. Earplugs. If you’re a team driver and your co-driver snores or likes to listen to music while you’re trying to sleep, these are non-negotiable.

5. Rechargeable headlamp. This can be a lifesaver if your truck breaks down in the middle of the night.

6. Power bank. These devices store power and can be used to charge your cellphone in a pinch. If you break down and you have no way to charge your phone, you’ll be happy to have a power bank with you.

7. Gloves. Warm gloves will keep you comfortable if you’re stuck on the side of the road waiting for a mechanic, and a pair of work gloves will come in handy if you need to do some lifting or repairs.

8. Sunglasses. Whatever the season, you’ll want to protect your eyes from the sun. A good pair of polarized sunglasses will reduce eye strain and ensure you’re not blinded by sunlight reflecting on cars or snow.

9. Non-perishable food and water. If your truck breaks down in the middle of nowhere, you’ll want to have enough food and water to stay comfortable until help arrives.

10. Bad weather gear. If you need to step out of the cab to make repairs in bad weather, you’ll be glad to have an extra jacket and a pair of boots.

11. Sleeping bag, blanket and pillows. Carrying conventional bedding can be a hassle. A sleeping bag is a lot more compact and can be just as comfortable.

Get ready to hit the road

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