3 Skills Every Vancouver Driver Should Learn to Master

Learning to drive can be overwhelming. Getting behind the wheel for the first time involves remembering a lot of information that combines visual cues, physical coordination, and spatial recognition. Give yourself time to understand all the nuances and skills associated with driving and, even after completing the Graduated Licensing Program, you should continue to build your skills and knowledge of your vehicle. The more understanding you have, the safer you will be on the road and the more confident you will feel when you encounter unexpected or unusual circumstances. Whether you are just learning or want to enhance your defensive driving techniques, North Shore Driving School has a wide range of driving lessons and course options available. Read the tips below and contact us today so we can help you master them.

Important Driving Skills that Drivers Must Develop

You won’t be expected to have them all down-pat by the end of your first driving lesson, or even after passing your first driving test, but these skills are crucial for a long record of safe and controlled driving:

  • Change a Tire – Having the knowledge, tools, and techniques in your back pocket to deal with common breakdowns like a flat tire can be very empowering. You will no longer be at the mercy of others and can save a lot of time and money waiting for a tow truck! Keep a spare tire, lug wrench, and jack on board your vehicle along with your other emergency equipment. Ask a friend, driving instructor, or your mechanic to walk you through the process. Take notes if necessary or practice in your driveway so that you’ll be ready when the time comes to use your new skills. 
  • Maintain Control When a Tire is Blown – Before you get to change the tire, you need to know how to maintain control of your vehicle with a blown, flat, or damaged tire. It can be scary and very dangerous when it happens, so understanding the best tactics beforehand is essential. Slow down, stay straight, and hold your ground. Maintain the direction of the steering wheel and, if you feel your vehicle losing power, lightly hit the gas. The blown tire will add resistance and can cause a spin out because of the imbalance. Identify which tire has blown and mindfully slow down your vehicle. Avoid steering as much as possible, especially if it is a back tire. 
  • Adjust Your Focus – This technique should be learned as soon as possible by new drivers and also be refreshed for experienced drivers. It is easy to forget to continue to scan, process, and check your surroundings, especially if you are driving on the same daily commute route or in your local neighbourhood. Look far ahead to increase your options and give you plenty of time to react, and use your peripheral vision as much as possible. Be conscientious and keep your eyes moving no matter where or when you are driving.

Expand Your Driving Skills at a Driving School in West Vancouver

Take a refresher course if you find your skills are slipping, consider individual lessons for specialized education, or enroll at North Shore Driving School for GLP driving courses. Our driving schools in West Vancouver and surrounding areas provide high-quality courses, reliable instructors, and safe driving skills development.

Call our driving schools in North Vancouver and reach the car division at 604-988-1138 to learn more about our driving courses. Contact us online to get answers to your questions about driving.0

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