4 Tips for Long-Distance Highway Driving from Experts at Your Langley Driving School

Long-distance road travel can be emotionally and physically demanding. If driving alone, you do not have the luxury of someone there to converse with on the journey and help you stay focused on the road ahead. Whether your long-distance road travel is for work or personal reasons, there are steps you can take to remain alert and stay safe on the road.

How to Handle Your Next Long-Distance Road Trip like a Pro

The next time you are going to be on the road for several hours (or days), implement these ideas to keep your vehicle and you safe:

  • Rest before You Go: Before a long-distance journey, do not think that you can get away with minimal sleep. Fatigued driving is just as hazardous as drunken driving. Therefore, make sure you get a full night’s rest to stay alert and have the energy required for your long haul drive.
  • Take Frequent Breaks: Regardless of how far you have to go, frequent breaks are necessary for long-distance driving. Getting out of your vehicle, stretching your legs, and just breathing in fresh air will help reduce fatigue. Stopping even for a few minutes to stretch will make a difference.
  • Plan Your Trip Ahead: No matter how familiar you are with your drive, a driving school in Coquitlam will tell you always to be prepared for the unexpected. That means equipping your vehicle with a first aid and roadside safety kit, having food and water, and clean clothes. Blankets, candles, and a flashlight are also a necessity. Furthermore, do not rely solely on GPS technology. To prevent data interruption or limited signals, bring along a map or road guide of the area.
  • Keep Entertained, Yet Focused: Falling into the highway hypnosis is common; especially if you are driving alone and for several hours at a time. To keep your brain from trailing off, play music, listen to an audio book and do what you can to remain alert. Do not let your mind wander on your surroundings either; keep your eyes ahead on the road.

Find an Abbotsford Driving School to Brush Up on Essential Techniques Before You Go

Before your next long haul, you can brush up on your driving skills by taking a driving course. North Shore’s North Vancouver driving school offers a refresher course for motorists ready to relearn the essentials.For commercial drivers, taking an individual driving lesson and skill upgrade can better prepare you for long hauls; especially if you are more experienced in short drives.

Regardless, having the right training and knowing how to stay safe on the road during your long trip could make all the difference.

Call our Car Division in North Vancouver for a refresher course at 604-988-1138 or schedule your driver improvement course with our Truck Division by calling 604-299-9292. You can also contact a representative online with your questions about which driving course is right for you.

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