5 Tips for New Drivers in British Columbia

Learning to drive is akin to a rite of passage. Everyone brings their own level of comfort and experience when they are learning to drive. Whether you are eager to learn or are still feeling hesitant to get behind the wheel, taking a few simple precautions will help you feel more comfortable and in control of your vehicle.

Useful Tips for New Drivers

Start driving with these simple tips and you will be able to master the roads in no time. If you are a new driver in British Columbia, here are some techniques to keep in mind while you are learning:

  1. Take Lessons: Learning to drive from a family member can be tough and stressful for both the instructor and the learner. Friends and family may not be trained in driving instruction and may miss some very important lessons. Taking lessons from a trained professional with years of driving experience and many helpful tips will make the process easier. You will feel a lot more confident behind the wheel. A GLP course in Vancouver or other driving lessons in Northern Vancouver and throughout BC can provide tips to help you become a safe and defensive driver.
  2. Choose Low-Traffic Areas: Start your driving practice in a neighbourhood that is not too busy. Most experienced drivers will tell you that the hardest challenge to deal with on the road is other drivers. Learning to drive in an area with less traffic will help you feel in control, eliminate pressure from other drivers, and give you time to feel comfortable before venturing onto busier roads.
  3. Drive during Off-Peak Hours: Avoid driving during rush hour and other peak traffic times. This will also limit the number of other vehicles on the road and give you more space and time as you learn to maneuver your vehicle.
  4. Do Not Drink Any Alcohol or Take Drugs: Driving may be commonplace, but it is important to remember that it is also a big responsibility. Not only is it illegal for new drivers to have any alcohol in their system, it also sets the tone for the rest of your driving career. Do not drink before driving and abstain from any other drug or substance abuse as well.
  5. Take it Easy: It may be tempting to rev your engine and drive fast, but you are better off starting slow. Speeding increases your risk for fender benders or more serious accidents because it reduces the level of control you have on the vehicle. Follow posted speed limits and take it slow, as you learn to operate the vehicle, check your mirrors, and obey traffic signs all at once.

New Driver? Take Driving Lessons from North Shore Driving School

North Shore Driving School offers driving lessons in Whistler, West Vancouver, Burnaby, and throughout British Columbia. We can guide you to safely and efficiently operate your vehicle, with GLP driving courses that will provide the training you need to obtain your license.

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