Car Maintenance Tips: Preparing Your Vehicle for Summer

As the temperatures start to warm up outside, more drivers plan to get on the road and enjoy the great weather. Before you do any driving, be sure to prepare your vehicle for summer! Summer car maintenance is just as important as winter maintenance, and it can save you from repairs and hassles later on if you take care of it early.

Summer Car Maintenance Essentials

  • Check the Tires – Check the inflation of your tires and make sure they are in accordance with the manufacturer instructions on your vehicle as well as the tire. Remember that as tires heat up, the air expands; so do not over-inflate or you may risk a tire blowout. If you have winter tires on, now is the time to change over to summer tires.
  • Wash Off the Salt – Winter takes a serious toll on the exterior of your vehicle and the salt from the roads that built up all season damages your paint. Wash the car thoroughly to scrub off the grime from winter.
  • Check the Brakes – Brake pads suffer from thermal cycling due to temperature changes outside. Have your brakes inspected during your next oil change and maintenance and replace any brake pads that are worn down.
  • Do Not Forget Coolant – Coolant levels must be checked manually. Because it prevents your engine from overheating, do not forget to check levels right before going on a summer road trip.
  • Get a Summer Maintenance Check – To ensure your vehicle is ready for the road this summer, visit your local service center for a summer tune-up. They will top off fluids, check for any repairs and can offer other summer car tips to keep you safe.

Consider a Refresher Course at a Driving School in North Vancouver and West Vancouver

Summer driving is fast-paced and some drivers on the road can be quite aggressive. Consider taking a refresher course from a driving school in North Vancouver and West Vancouver to prepare yourself for the season. If you are still working your way through your graduated license, summer is the perfect time to add on a class too.

North Shore Driving School Ltd. is your local driving school in Vancouver. We offer refresher courses for seniors, graduated license training and individual driving lessons to prepare you for the road. Learn more about our driving classes by calling 604-988-1138 or contact us online.

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