Drive Safe and Stay Alert on Long Truck Hauls in British Columbia

Driving for extended periods of time can become monotonous, especially if you are driving alone. Truck drivers face a lot of challenges on the road, from manoeuvring large vehicles to adverse road conditions. However, it is the isolation and long hours involved with extended truck hauls that can be the most difficult to overcome. Whether you are a seasoned truck driver or just beginning your Class 1 driving at our school in Surrey, keeping entertained on the road can help you stay alert and drive safe.

5 Ways to Stay Entertained on Long Haul Drives

If you spend hours upon hours behind the wheel of a truck, occupying your mind can help you pass the time. Here are 5 ways you can entertain yourself on long drives:

  1. Podcasts: Think beyond traditional radio, skip the commercials and learn more about something you are interested in by tuning into a podcast. Whether you like a particular celebrity or sport, love a good story, want to be inspired by big ideas, or just curious about catching up on some common facts, there is likely a podcast out there that will hold your interest and keep you alert.
  2. Socializing: Whether it is at a rest stop or over the old CB radios, many truck drivers enjoy meeting and getting to know their peers. Sharing stories from the road, cracking jokes while driving, and building a network of peers can help pass the time and provide support for the unique challenges of the job.
  3. Portable Hobbies: Many truck drivers take up portable hobbies such as knitting, crochet, chess or photography. Always dreamed of learning another language? Find an app or CD and spend your hours on the road or at rest stops learning new skills. If you want to improve your truck driving skills as well, sign up for truck driving lessons in Burnaby.
  4. Audio Books and eBooks: You no longer have to haul multiple paperbacks in addition to your cargo. Playing an audio book on the road is a great way to make your drive even more productive and get lost in another world as you drive a familiar route.
  5. Smartphones: Truck drivers today have it a lot easier than those in the past thanks to smartphones. It is now easier than ever to take your favourite music, books and television shows on the road. Plus, staying connected with family friends is more convenient thanks to these devices and social media. While they have made staying connected easier, they can also cause distraction on the road. A truck driving school serving Coquitlam, Richmond, or Surrey can help provide tips to make you a safe driver and provide techniques to keep distractions at bay.

It’s IMPORTANT to Stay Safe on Your Long Truck Hauls

If you need a refresher on safe driving techniques or are pursuing a career in truck driving, North Shore Driving School offers Class 1 driving lessons in Abbotsford, Surrey, Burnaby, and throughout the Greater Vancouver area. We can help you stay safe while being entertained on the road or guide you as you begin your career as a trucker.

Learn more about our truck driving courses in British Columbia. Call us today at 604-988-1138 or contact us online to learn more about our Class 1 driving schools.

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