Individual Driving Lessons in Greater Vancouver

In our fast paced modern world, having the ability to operate a vehicle is vitally important. Whether you’re driving to work or school each day or providing transportation for others, there are many situations which call for you to drive safely while interacting with other vehicles and drivers. Our driving lessons are the perfect way to build or strengthen your skills, keeping you informed, aware and alert, and to be a progressive and capable driver. North Shore Driving School Ltd. is proud to offer individual driving lessons as a way to help you progress.

Depending on your level of experience and skill, completing the whole course may not be necessary. A single preliminary lesson can help our instructors assess your skills and highlight on which ones you may need to improve. Our instructors will work with you on an individual level to determine which skills to concentrate on and develop a plan to meet your goals before you schedule a road test. Supplying your own vehicle for the road test is not necessary as we can provide the vehicle for you, although we do require one lesson before the road test allowing you to get use to our vehicles. Call us today at 604-988-1138 or drop us a line to set up your first lesson!

Road Test Arrangements

If you do not have a car, or prefer to use one of ours, we can set up a lesson and test arrangement for you in our vehicle. We prefer to set up the test for you directly with ICBC so we can ensure an instructor and vehicle are available for you to use.

Road Test Arrangement Pricing:

2.0 Hours – 1-hour warm up, 1-hour road test: $160 (includes GST)

  • ICBC’s road test, medical, and licensing fees are not included.
  • We must see you for at least one driving lesson before you will be permitted to use our car for your road test. Please see our refresher course for more details.

If you’re looking for individual driving lessons, contact North Shore Driving School.