Driving Skills: Are Drivers Today Better Than Before?

Most people won’t willingly admit that they show signs of being a poor driver. In fact, most people would rate themselves above average, based on their own individual criteria for what makes a driver a good one. The majority of people do agree that safety is part of that equation, though new trends have shown that distracted driving is at an all-time high.

Ever wonder how drivers’ skills today differ compared to the past? Find out below and get your own driving habits in line with safe, defensive, and alert driving standards that truly define a quality driver. North Shore Driving School in North Vancouver provides a range of courses, individual lessons, and refresher sessions to keep you safe on the road. From your first day as a GLP licensed driver to reminders for seasoned pros, you can keep your mind sharp and skills current with sound training at our driving school. 

Driver Risks: Avoid Today’s Hazards with Driving Lessons in Vancouver

Here are some of the major factors that differentiate today’s drivers from those of the past. Be aware, stay alert, and refresh your skills with the right techniques from our truck driving schools in Coquitlam and our car division driving school in North Vancouver.

  • Phone Calls – Mobile phones have offered us a lot of convenience, but on the road they have also created a lot of distraction. Integrate hands-free calling whenever possible to avoid dialling on the road. Not only can hefty fines be incurred, but your risk of an accident increases greatly when you talk with your phone in hand while driving. Voice dialling and other automated systems are safer, but should still be used sparingly.
  • Texting – It may seem harmless to text and drive, and some drivers even consider this ability part of what makes them a good driver, but texting should be left until you arrive at your destination. Keep your attention focused on the road. Keep in mind that it isn’t just texting. Maps, emails, and constant updates from social media and other applications can easily divert and occupy driver attention. If you can, place your phone on “Do Not Disturb” settings or turn it off to limit distractions.
  • Vehicle Technology – Other technology that has enhanced and transformed modern vehicles has also led to a lot more distractions. While past drivers still had to deal with young children in tow and emotional struggles, they were not busy perusing hundreds of satellite radio stations, getting dashboard updates about vehicle performance, or half-listening to a film the kids are watching in the back. New technology has made long road trips easier and helped many drivers change their habits to be more efficient. On the flipside, they can also contribute to more time spent with eyes off the road.

Stop Distracted Driving—Come to a Premier Driving School in Surrey
Emotional distractions, passengers, and other distractions are not new, but still present challenges for drivers who need to pay close attention to the road. For skills, techniques, and reminders to keep you safe from distractions new and old, turn to North Shore Driving Schools in North Vancouver and surrounding areas. Driving classes for all levels of drivers in Surrey, Coquitlam, and Burnaby can help you develop specialized skills or gain confidence on any road.

Call our car driving school in Greater Vancouver at 604-988-1138 to find out how you can become a safer driver. Register for driving lessons by contacting us online today. For commercial truck driver training, call our truck division in Burnaby at 604-299-9292.

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