How the Night Owl Can Stay Safe Driving After Dark

Night driving is one of the most dangerous times to be on the road. With minimal visibility and the risk of fatigue, a driver must take extra precautions when driving after dark.

Most importantly, if you are driving after dark, be sure to wear a seat belt. According to Transport Canada, seatbelt use dips to five to ten percent lower at night. Also, instances of drunken driving and drugged driving increase at night; making it more important that you be alert and aware of the drivers on the road with you.

5 Tips for Staying Safe When Driving at Night – Offered by Your Local North Vancouver Driving School 

Whether you are heading home after a long day of work or you are driving overnight for travel, here are 5 ways you can remain safe for your night owl adventures:

  • Dim the Instrument Panel: Your vehicle’s instrument panels are inherently bright, but newer vehicles come with a dimmer switch that is handy for this very situation. To prevent compromised forward vision, dim the dashboard to a comfortable level.
  • Do Not Drive Tired: No matter how much further you must go, fatigued driving is dangerous. If you are too tired to drive, pull over and rest. Fatigued driving reduces your reaction time, and you may fall asleep briefly at the wheel without realizing it.
  • Look for Wildlife: When driving in rural areas, remember that animals are out after dark. An accident with a wild animal could be devastating for them and your vehicle alike. You can usually see a reflection of the animal’s eyes from your headlights ahead. If you notice a pair of reflections, safely slow down as quickly as you can.
  • Clean Your Windshield: For better nighttime vision, clean your windshield. Streaks and smudges appear at night with the glare of headlights bouncing off them. Use newspaper to polish your windshield and remove the excess dirt so that it is streak-free for night driving.
  • Have a Roadside Kit in Your Car: Any time you drive at night, your vehicle must be equipped with an emergency roadside kit. In your kit, you must have a flashlight, flares, reflective signs, blankets, and other survival essentials like food and water. Reflective gear ensures motorists see you on the side of the road, and if your vehicle breaks down, you will have blankets and other essentials to keep you warm and safe until help arrives.

Take a Refresher Course by Attending a Langley Driving School
Night driving is tricky. If you have not driven at night in the past or you are now going to be driving at night for work, taking a refresher course can help you hone in on the necessary skills for staying safe.

North Shore Driving School Ltd.’s driving school in Coquitlam and surrounding areas can help you refresh on the essentials, including night driving.

Call our Car Division in North Vancouver for a refresher course at 604-988-1138 or schedule your professional lesson with our Truck Division by calling 604-299-9292. You can also contact a representative online to inquire about our Langley, Coquitlam, and Abbotsford driving school options.

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