Keeping Your Passengers Safe and Comfortable for the Ride — Useful Advice from Your Trusted Langley Driving School

Whether you are traveling with family members on a road trip, friends, or your coworkers on the way to the office, you can keep yourself and passengers comfortable for the ride.

After all, safety and comfort are just as crucial to your passenger as it is for yourself – and you would expect someone to do the same if you were their passenger.

By taking a few simple steps, you can ensure a pleasurable drive, regardless of how far you must go.

Tips for Keeping Everyone Happy on the Road

It does not matter who your passenger is, as the driver you are required to keep them safe. Whether you are driving for work or pleasure, consider these tips used by experienced drivers for making the drive enjoyable:

· Put Yourself in the Passenger’s Position: Think of how you would want a driver to be if you were the passenger. Would you want them to obey traffic signals? Not tailgate other motorists? Avoid speeding in poor weather? Then, you can assume that your
passengers feel the same. A passenger is not in control of the vehicle, which can make them on edge already. Therefore, do your part by driving safely.

· The Type of Vehicle Matters: Vehicles with a longer and broader wheelbase have more legroom inside, such as a longer sedan, SUV or minivan. If you have your choice of vehicle, go with something that is roomy for everyone, regardless of which seat they are in.

· Shift Smooth: If you have a manual transmission, work on your shifting. There is nothing worse than jerking back and forth when gears are stuck, or someone is sloppy with the gear shifter. Consider familiarizing yourself with manual transmission driving by attending classes at our Langley driving school.

· Consider Snacks: If the drive is for more than 30 minutes, bring along car-friendly snacks and bottles of water. Do not forget a plastic bag for trash after snack time and avoid anything that is overly messy, easily spilled, or sticky.

· Avoid Sudden Movements: Even the coziest interiors and right balance of snacks are quickly canceled out with jerky driving and sudden movements. Avoid braking suddenly, veering, and turning sharply. Take the time to learn your vehicle’s movements and how it handles. In addition, you may want to consider taking a refresher course at a driving school in the Coquitlam area for practice.

Take Courses at Our Driving School – We Serve Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, Coquitlam, and Surrounding Areas

If you have been driving for years, you most likely have entered the “robotic” phase. That means you drive without thinking much about your actions or your passengers. 

Now is the time to refresh your driving skills, and refine your technique so that you can be the driver everyone wants on your next family outing or business trip. North Shore Driving School, Ltd. offers comprehensive training programs, refresher courses,
and private lessons for drivers of all ages.

Call our Truck Division in Burnaby for your commercial driving courses at 604-299-9292, or connect with our Car Division in North Vancouver by calling 604-988-1138. You can also contact a representative online with your questions about our Langley, Surrey, Coquitlam, and Abbotsford driving schools.

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