Learn More About Ice Road Truckers from a Class 1 Driving School in British Columbia

Changing seasons bring changing road conditions. As temperatures cool, variable weather patterns including rain, fog, and eventually slush and ice can make driving difficult. Vancouver sees some unpredictable weather that can lead to visibility issues, but it is tough to compare to the challenges met by ice road truckers. Freezing temperatures, isolation, and being constantly on alert for darting wildlife can make for an exhausting drive, even through short passages.

If you think you have what it takes to handle the long hours and terrain of an ice road trucker, driving classes can help you prepare. Visit a Class 1 driving school in Abbotsford to find out more about the courses you need and to learn defensive driving techniques. Start your driving lessons today to get licensed and drive a truck masterfully across challenging ice roads. 

All About the Ice Roads

Wondering what exactly “ice roads” are and how it all began? Read below to learn more about these interesting seasonal highways before you take your driving classes.

  • What are ice roads? – Ice roads are smooth, flat surfaces that connect areas over frozen waterways. Void of obstacles, they are regularly plowed and create easy passage through freezing areas of the north and south. They are often built in place of typical roads due to the expensive and difficult nature of building over boggy, muskeg land.
  • What vehicles drive on ice roads? – Large trucks are seen most often on these smooth, slick passageways. The occasional pickup truck, small car and snowmobile also uses the roads.
  • What is driving like? – Due to the dangerous nature of driving over water, vehicle speeds must be limited to around 25 km/h in order to avoid causing waves under the surface. The weight of the trucks and waves they cause can lead to damage to the surface of the road and be dangerous for drivers. 
  • What dangers are there? – Pressure ridges, caused by variations in temperature, can lead to surface breaks and create hazards on the road. Wildlife, speeding, and visibility issues may also cause troubles, so being alert and thinking of safety first is crucial. 
  • Where are these roads? – In Canada, ice roads can be found in the northern territories and northern areas of Ontario and other provinces. Internationally, China, Estonia, Antarctica, Finland, Russia, and other northern nations also use these roads.

Begin Your Ice Road Trucking Career with Driving Classes in Abbotsford and Coquitlam

Inspired to take on the real winter roads? Start with the proper licensing and a solid foundation of driving and safety techniques to keep you warm on even the longest stretches of ice road. North Shore Driving School offers truck driving classes and their Burnaby truck driving school educates students from across Surrey, Coquitlam, and the Greater Vancouver area. Regardless of your level of experience, our certified instructors can teach you the skills you need for a successful drive or career change. With classes tailored to your goals and designed to teach professional driving through all conditions, we can help prepare you for the north.

Call our truck driving school in Burnaby today at 604-299-9292 to learn more about our classes or to register for your truck driving classes in Greater Vancouver. Contact us online to learn more about our other driving school locations and courses.

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