Life as a Trucker: What Is It Like to Be at a Truck Stop?

As a career trucker, you will spend a large majority of your “off” time at truck stops around the country. Often these truck stops are located within a few short miles of your destination, while other times you may have to drive some distance to find one. If you are on a new route, you will want to familiarize yourself with truck stops on your route as well as at your destination. Ideally, you need stops that have overnight parking, mechanic shops, restaurants and possibly even showers.

What Will I Find at a Truck Stop?

Truck stops are not just a place to park overnight. In fact, they offer essential services and sometimes, recreational activities that create a home away from home. Not all stops are the same. There are some that only offer parking and refueling, while some others may go a step further and make life on the road more enjoyable. Some things you could find include:

  • Personal Amenities – This includes showers, laundry areas, fax and copy areas, internet access, and areas to watch TV or play video games. Some will offer soap and clean towels to truckers at their showers, lockers for personal items and even rentable fridge space.
  • Truck Amenities – For your truck, you will find overnight parking areas, but some truck stops may also offer refueling, mechanics, truck scales, air hookups, and freight equipment.
  • Socializing – Life on the road as a trucker can be lonely. That is why more truck stops are creating areas for socializing and organizing fun events. Some stops will have lounges, host holiday parties or play weekly music and host gathering nights to give those on the road an opportunity for human contact.

Life as a trucker can be exciting. While you will spend a large majority of your days off at truck stops throughout Canada, some of these truck stops are ready to accommodate your every need. Of course, before you can get out on the road, you must first acquire your trucking license.

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