Life on the Road: Truck Stop Safety Tips

Whether you’re behind the wheel of a truck or driving a car, long-distance trips require you to take regular breaks. If you aren’t used to it, you may worry about yourself and your cargo. Here are some safety tips to follow when pulling into truck stops.

General Safety Tips

Remember that truck stops may have children and pets running around, so always be mindful of your speed. Be cautious when making turns, and be wary of blind spots.

If you’re worried about other people posing a threat, avoid truck stops that look deserted or poorly lit. it’s also a good idea to steer clear of busy ones that seem to be occupied by a single group, as in those cases the presence of others is unlikely to deter disruptive behaviour.

Most importantly, trust your instincts. If a location seems unsafe or makes you uncomfortable, don’t stop. Effective tactics when trying to avoid being targeted by would-be criminals is to make it look like you aren’t on your own. Planning stops ahead of time and targeting places that are known to be safe is a good idea.

Finally, regardless of the length of your stop, always make sure your cargo is secure.

Short Stops

Quick, short breaks may feel less stressful than long stops, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t remain alert.

If you’re stopping for gas, don’t wait too long for an ideal spot to free up. Get into the next available space and try to fill up quickly. Waiting too long could cause a bottleneck, which is likely to slow everyone down and increase your risk of being in collision.

When you’re ready to go inside to use the restroom or buy some food, be careful not to park in a spot reserved for large rigs. They don’t have as many parking options and the more they have to drive around, the likelier they are to cause issues with other vehicles.

Overnight Stops

If you’re stopping for the night, check with the attendant to make sure you park in a spot designated for your type of vehicle and for long-term stops. It’s also courteous to do your best to respect everyone’s privacy.

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