Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter

As we head towards another winter season, it is important to be cautious on the roads and mentally prepare for driving in poor conditions. It is also important to take the proper steps and get your vehicle prepared to take on the wet, snowy and icy roads.

5 Key Steps in Your Winter Vehicle Preparation Checklist

Taking the time to prepare your vehicle can help you have a safe driving season. Here are some tips for getting your vehicle ready this winter:

  1. Check your antifreeze – Check to make sure your coolant is a 50-50 mixture of water and antifreeze. Less than 50 percent antifreeze makes your engine vulnerable to freezing up. You can purchase an inexpensive test at a local auto part shop if you are unsure.
  2. Ensure heaters and defrosters are in working condition – After a balmy summer and fall season, we may forget to make sure that all of the extra winter functions in our vehicles are properly working. Take the time to check and make sure that your heaters and defrosters are working so that you won’t be surprised when you need them.
  3. Make an emergency kit – Prepare for the worst case scenario and store a well-stocked emergency kit in an accessible place in your vehicle. Include warm clothing layers, hat and gloves, blankets, First Aid kit, sand or salt, jumper cables, water, non-perishable food, a flashlight, batteries, extra wipers, windshield washer fluid, and a shovel for digging your vehicle tires out of deep snow. 
  4. Get a pre-winter tune up – Try not to wait for the winter weather to arrive before having your vehicle checked out. Keeping to scheduled maintenance can mean a worry-free winter.
  5. Put on snow tires – The increased traction and control provided by snow tread tires can give you a lot more confidence driving in slick winter conditions. They can help you stop up to 40 percent faster than all-season tires and are made of a special rubber that helps them withstand even the most frigid temperatures. If you are not interested in snow tires, at least be sure to check the tire pressure of your existing tires, which can drop in cooler temperatures.

Preparing your car can help, but feeling confident behind the wheel is the best way to prepare for winter driving. North Shore Driving School Ltd. has driving schools in West Vancouver and North Vancouver that can give you the skills to drive in winter conditions. We offer individual lessons to help you be comfortable handling your vehicle all year.Schedule your driving lessons today. Questions or concerns? Call us at 604-988-1138.0

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