Safety Tips for Parents with Teen Drivers in Vancouver and throughout BC

For parents, thinking about your teen driving the family car may make you anxious, but the key to raising a responsible driver is being a hands-on mentor. From avoiding driving distractions to respecting others on the road, educating your young driver about safety is vital. North Shore Driving School provides comprehensive driver education and encourages parents to be a good role model and set clear boundaries and expectations for your teen’s driving habits.

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) offers a number of resources including a web page “For parents of teen drivers,” including Safety Tips for helping your teen learn to drive safely. Beyond the basics, the ICBC reminds parents that “it’s important that they’re aware of other risks they might face, like vehicle problems, peer pressure, and distractions.”

Tips for Driving with Your Teen Driver

If you plan on helping your teen learn to drive, the ICBC suggests these great tips on how to get the most out of your practice time while keeping your teen in low-risk driving environments:

  • Avoid busy streets and practice in daylight hours for as long as you feel necessary.
  • Minimize risks – if it’s their first time on a highway, take them out in daylight when traffic is at a minimum.
  • Avoid driving during busy hours until your teen feels more confident.
  • When your teen is more confident, ensure they get practice in different weather, times of day, and locations.

Know the GLP Restrictions

It is also important to ensure your teen knows the rules and restrictions in graduated licensing. Basic maintenance like getting gas, checking oil and other fluids, checking tire air pressure, changing a flat tire, and what to do in a minor crash are skills that you as a parent can help your teen learn.

Teens and Distracted Driving

In our age of digital media, it’s also important to consistently remind your teen about the dangers of distracted driving. Electronic devices aren’t allowed while they’re in the graduated licensing program, even if it is a hands-free device. According to the ICBC, “Police statistics show that about a quarter of all car crash fatalities in B.C. in the last five years (2009 to 2013) were related to distracted driving. That’s an average of 88 deaths per year, making distracted driving now the second-leading cause of motor vehicle fatalities in B.C., behind speeding (105) and narrowly ahead of impaired driving (86).”

Driving Lessons at North Shore Driving School

North Shore Driving School offers approved Graduated Licensing Programs (GLP) in Vancouver for teen drivers who are ready to learn the theory and practice of operating a vehicle. We also provide training for drivers with special needs, including paraplegics, amputees, and those who have suffered injury or stroke. Different driving classes are available in North Vancouver, and our driving school also serves Coquitlam residents and drivers throughout BC, catering to a variety of individual needs, including truck driving courses, with convenient payment plans.

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