Sharing the Road with Cyclists, Pedestrians and More

When driving a car, truck or SUV, it is important to understand that you are not just sharing the road with other vehicles. In North Vancouver, and in the Greater Vancouver Area, you are sharing the road with semi-trucks, pedestrians, cyclists and even motorcycles. It is your duty, as a responsible driver, to share the road with everyone. A large majority of accidents in North Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver Area occur because drivers are inattentive or fail to yield when it is appropriate. You can stay safe just by knowing how to share the road properly and drive responsibly.

How to Share the Road With All

You may be driving a large vehicle, whether it is a car or truck, but others could be riding motorcycles, cycling or walking with you on the road. To make sure everyone stays safe, here are a few tips for sharing the roads:

  • Pedestrians – Always be on the lookout for pedestrians by scanning crosswalks and intersections. Never drive through a crosswalk without ensuring it is empty and always be aware of your blind spots. When making a turn, look for pedestrians on cross streets. In residential neighbourhoods, school zones and near playgrounds, drive with extra caution. When driving after dark, be on the lookout for pedestrians that may be wearing dark-coloured clothing.
  • Cyclists – Driving near cyclists can be daunting at first. When driving a vehicle it is important that you are aware of their presence. Check over your shoulder before you change lanes, pull into traffic, turn, or open your door, as cyclists can easily be missed if you rely solely on your mirrors. Always make eye contact with cyclists before you turn across traffic.
  • Motorcyclists – A large majority of fatal accidents with motorcycles are due to motorists failing to spot a rider. Always scan intersections when turning left or right. If you are driving through, make sure motorcycles turning see you. Allow three seconds of following distance between you and motorcycles and never try to share a lane with a rider.
  • Trucks and Large Vehicles – If you are driving a car, travelling in North Vancouver or in the Greater Vancouver Area, it is likely that you will need to share the road with larger vehicles. Be aware of the driver’s blind spots, which are behind and alongside larger vehicles. Never sneak behind a truck if it is backing up and always give more following distance than necessary so that the driver can see you. Larger vehicles need more room for turns too, so give plenty of space if a semi-truck is making a turn.

Improve your Driving Skills and Learn to Share the Road in North Vancouver

Be prepared to share the road with others. North Shore Driving School Ltd. offers GLP driving courses in North Vancouver that prepare you for your test, but also ensure you know how to share the road safely. When you take our GLP driving course in North or West Vancouver, we take you out on the roads and help you learn the right way to share with cyclists, motorcycles, pedestrians and even semi-trucks.

North Shore Driving School offers a number of different types driving lessons in North Vancouver for students wishing to improve on their car driving skills.

Schedule your driving lessons in North Vancouver today or give us a call at 604-988-1138 to learn more about our driving courses.

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