Technology and Changes in the Driving World: Driving Habits in B.C.

Driving habits can be a concern for all drivers. We get into routines that may not be good habits; they could even be ticket able offences. Not stopping completely, not pulling out into intersections to get a clear view, shoulder checking properly or even at all.

Checking Our Rear View Mirrors

A proper shoulder check involves turning your head to check your car’s blind spots, especially prior to lane changing, and does not just involve using the mirrors. A common bad habit that many drivers tend to make involves only looking to the side front window when performing a shoulder check. A good driver will actually need to look in the back side window as a part of their shoulder check to ensure they check the blind spot of the car correctly. Moving your chin to your shoulder and rolling the eyes further is the proper head movement. Do not move your head so far as to move your shoulders off the seat to do so.

The Importance of Being Up To Date with Traffic Laws

Traffic laws have changed a fair amount to accommodate new knowledge and technology for traffic safety. Picking up a driving guide occasionally and reading it may be interesting and surprising as to what is expected of you.

If you have kept updating your car, you probably noticed that the cars are more fuel efficient, very comfortable, but it is hard to see out of the back window more than usual. The newer cars are safer, because of the design of crumple zones and side impact protection systems.

Precaution on Steering Wheel and Passenger Side Air Bags

These systems were designed to stop a 180 lbs. man from hitting the steering wheel at 60 kmh. If you are lighter than the intended weight these systems can sometimes hurt you in the event of a collision. If you weigh in at 110 lbs. or less, you may need to have an off switch put onto your airbag. Children should be put into the rear center seat as this is the best place for protection. As a driving instructor teaching at our driving schools in North and West Vancouver, I have noticed that people have a tendency to put their hand inside of the wheel. The deployment of the air bag during a collision can be a real danger as it comes out at 300 km/h to an arm that resting across the wheel. It is always advised to keep your hands at the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions to maintain maximum control over the car at all times and to protect your body in the event of a collision.

Contact North Shore Driving School to Break Your Bad Driving Habits!

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