The Benefits of Learning Defensive Driving Techniques

Law-abiding, focused and alert, defensive drivers are safer drivers. That’s why North Shore Driving School offers a defensive driving course for motorists in and around Vancouver.

Reactive vs Defensive Drivers

Most people are reactionary drivers. This means that they tend to react to what happens around them without really planning ahead or anticipating potentially dangerous situations. This is normal, especially in less experienced drivers. However, a defensive driving course teaches them to be more proactive and take steps to reduce the risk of an incident.

Being able to prioritize road safety has far-reaching consequences. For instance, fewer accidents means fewer insurance claims, which over time can build up to considerable savings on your car insurance. In addition, defensive drivers are far less likely to be at fault when an incident occurs.

Who should take a defensive driving course?

Simply put, anyone with a driver’s license will benefit from a defensive driving course. This being said, learning defensive driving techniques may be particularly beneficial in the following cases:

  • Young or beginner drivers. While basic driver training covers safety, it also requires students to learn traffic law and get used to controlling their vehicle. A dedicated safety course can help reduce injury rates, which are very high in this age group.
  • Commercial drivers. If you manage a fleet of vehicles or drive as part of your job, defensive driving courses are an effective way to reduce liability risks and injuries.

In addition, people who receive a ticket for a driving infraction are sometimes required to complete a defensive driving course.

How defensive driving courses help you save a life

A third of all traffic accidents are caused by aggressive driving such as tailgating and speeding. As a defensive driver, you’re taught to avoid these risks, for instance by a leaving 3-second gap between yourself and the vehicle in front. You’ll also learn to stay alert by looking 15 seconds ahead rather than following the cues of other drivers. This way, you spot any incoming hazards in time to react appropriately.

Defensive driving courses also train you to maintain your focus on the road, meaning you never eat, drink, scroll through your phone or play excessively loud music while driving. These activities count as distractions and reduce your ability to drive safely.

Sign up for defensive driving courses in Vancouver

Whether you’re a brand-new driver or an experienced driver looking to sharpen your skills, North Shore Driving School’s defensive driving course has a lot to offer. Contact us today to enroll in our program and learn how to stay safe on Vancouver’s roads all year round.

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