The Future of Driving: Driverless Cars

Every teen dreams of the day when they will turn sweet sixteen and finally get to slide behind the wheel of a car and cruise around town. The freedom to hit the open road is a liberating and important milestone in every adult’s life. But will things always be that way?

The future of driving is expected to change in a very dramatic way as scientists are working to develop technology for driverless cars. Nissan, Chevrolet, and Google are just a few of the companies who are currently working on creating these machines, and there are plans to sell them by the year 2020.

The government is taking the necessary steps to ready roadways for these new driverless cars. People who plan to purchase these modern machines will need to obtain additional identification materials to legally drive in the United States. Drivers will need to get an addition to their current driver’s license and special license plates for the vehicle.

Autonomous cars are being built with the hopes of making roads safer and less congested for everyone. The theory is that if there are a bunch of driverless cars combined, every single driver won’t need to have their own vehicle.

Driverless cars will allow for car sharing like we’ve never seen before. Car sharing isn’t really possible right now, but with autonomous vehicles, we could take a major step forward in this area. You could rent out your self-driving car during the day while you’re at work. The car will drive itself to the people who are renting it. An online renter website will allow you to check out a renter’s reputation. They can borrow your car for a designated period of time, and you can give them access by using a punch code.

With this system, we would need a tenth of the cars that we do right now. Traffic would be greatly reduced with this system. Autonomous cars will probably be a reality for commuters. Once the technicians have figured out that the systems will be designed, built, and used correctly, there is every chance that society will transition towards them quickly.

Young drivers may never actually have to learn to drive a car again. The potential for crashes caused by distracted driving, road rage, and inexperience will all be but eliminated by these innovative autonomous cars. Until then, teens still get to experience the rollercoaster ride of becoming a safe driver on the road. They can be successful by taking driving classes at North Shore Driving School’s North Vancouver driving school location. Call today to learn more!

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