Tips for Better Winter Driving Awareness from Your Trusted BC Driving School

Navigate Safely in Vancouver, Surrey, Coquitlam and more this Winter

Winter driving is unique, and for some motorists it can be quite stressful. Not only are you dealing with winter road conditions like snow, slush, and ice, but now you are dealing with drivers that might be unaware of how to handle such situations.

While you cannot control other drivers, you can do your part of staying safe by being more aware of your actions during winter driving.

Steps for Safer Driving this Winter

Whether the first snow has already struck, or you are readying your vehicle for the cold and ice ahead, follow these tips to stay safe and accident-free this winter:

1. Have a Winter-Ready Vehicle: Make sure your car is ready to tackle the wintry road conditions. That means having winter tires installed, keeping snow and ice brush/scrapers in your car, and taking it in for pre-winter maintenance. Fill up washer fluid, ensure
defrosters work, and pack a safety kit for your trunk that has winter necessities.

2. Never Tailgate: No matter how much of a hurry you are in or how slow the lead vehicle is, there is no excuse to tailgate. In the winter, this rule is more critical, because you have ice and snow hindering your ability to stop quickly. Give yourself extra room in the winter so that you can stop safely despite ice or snow.

3. Drive Smooth: Erratic movements on snowy roads almost always lead to loss of control. Do not take turns sharply, do not stop abruptly, and drive slowly so that your tires have a proper grip on the surface.

4. Do Not Pump the Brakes: Remember the age-old advice of pumping the brakes applied to vehicles without anti-lock braking systems. Today, most cars come with ABS as s standard feature; therefore, you can use the brakes, and the system helps to do the work for you.

5. Know What to Do if You Skid: You most likely learned this in our Vancouver driving school when first getting your license, but do you remember what to do if your vehicle skids or starts to lose control? Turn into the direction of the skid, but do not brake. By doing this, you will transfer weight and help your vehicle regain control.

6. Keep Lights on Always: To increase visibility, especially during snow, keep your headlights on.  

7. Never Use Cruise Control: Cruise control should never be on in the winter. It is not designed for wet, icy, snowy, or poor road conditions. If you have cruise control engaged, you could lose control quickly and face a collision or a skid.

Prepare Yourself for Winter by Attending Our Local Vancouver Driving School

When was the last time you took a driving class? If you are like most adults, it was when you first got your driver’s license, and you have not looked back since.

Our driving school can help prepare you for winter. Even if you are a newer driver, taking professional courses ensure you are ready for all the weather conditions British Columbia brings.

Refine your skills or learn something new by attending driving school at North Shore Driving School, Ltd. We serve Surrey, Coquitlam, and surrounding areas.

We offer courses for all ages and driving levels, including experienced drivers.

Call our Truck Division in Burnaby for your commercial driving courses at 604-299-9292, or connect with our Car Division in North Vancouver by calling 604-988-1138. You can also contact a representative online with your questions about our driving school.

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