Tips for Driving in Bad Weather

The harsh temperatures and weather conditions of winter are almost upon us – which means it is time to brush up on winter driving. For most of us, driving in winter has become second nature, but that comfort has also led to more relaxed driving practices, some of which could even be considered reckless. Whether you are taking the kids to school or commuting to work in bad weather, it is important that you understand the proper safety techniques.

Driving Safely in Hazardous Winter Conditions

You do not need to be an expert driver to handle poor weather conditions; but you definitely need to be prepared. Some things you can do include:

  • Planning Before the Storm – You should be prepared for a storm long before it actually hits. That includes having an emergency kit in your car (equipped with roadside items as well). You should also have winter weather items, such as tire chains or traction mats, always have a half tank or more of gas, and make sure jumper cables are still in good condition. An extra pair of warm gloves is always a good idea!
  • Check Your Car Before You Drive – Before leaving your home, office or elsewhere, check your car. Make sure you have adequate tire pressure, wiper blades are ready and all lights are in working order.
  • Drive Cautiously – You should never speed in winter weather or any type of bad weather. Most accidents occur in these conditions because drivers continue to drive as though the weather is sunny, clear and warm. Give yourself extra time to stop, signal longer so drivers behind you can react in time, and be patient.
  • Two Hands – Always drive with two hands on the wheel in the winter. Sudden and sharp moves are common in harsh weather and with two hands, you are in better control.
  • Watch for Ice – When approaching bridges, do so with caution. Bridges are prone to ice buildup. Also on highway off-ramps and on ramps, look out for signs of ice. When temperatures are below freezing, drive with caution; black ice is next to impossible to see, but devastating when hit.

Most importantly, know when to get off the road. If weather is too bad, do not leave your house and if you are driving and the conditions are difficult to manage, find a safe place to stop and wait for the storm to pass.

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Driving lessons, no matter how long you have been driving, can improve your skills and prepare you for poor road conditions. With personalized courses, you can hone in on the skills required to handle snow, ice and even heavy rainfall.

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