Tips for Driving Safely in Vancouver’s Heavy Rains

Heavy rains demand a lot more skill and confidence out of drivers than clear driving conditions. If you are heading out onto the roads of Vancouver in the rain, then there are several steps you can take both before and after getting into your vehicle that will help ensure a safe journey.

Preparations to Take Before Driving

A safe journey begins with a well-maintained car. You should regularly check your tires to make sure that they aren’t bald and your wipers to make sure that they aren’t worn down. Your turn signals, break lights, tail lights and headlights all need to be in good working condition as well.

Before setting out, you should plan your journey in order to avoid flood-prone and heavily trafficked areas. Make sure that your tank is full enough to get your where you need to go, and dry your shoes off on your car mats so that your foot doesn’t slip off the pedals.

Driving in Heavy Rain

When driving in the rain, it’s important you drive slowly, leave plenty of space between your car and the vehicle in front of you, and turn your headlights on. Keep foggy windows clear by directing heat through your defrosters and engaging the A/C switch.

If you need to drive on a flooded road, then make sure that you go slowly, and only if the way ahead is clear. You will need to turn back if the water level ever rises higher than the bottom of your doors, as it can damage your car’s electrical system. If you do successfully make it through the water, then check that your breaks are working properly before speeding up again.

Improve Your Bad-Weather Driving Skills with Vancouver Driving Lessons

If you are just learning to drive, then taking driving lessons from an established and experienced driving school in Vancouver is the best way to make sure that you are prepared for a variety of road conditions. North Shore Driving School offers a comprehensive GLP driving course in North and West Vancouver that will give you the tools you need to earn your BC driving license. Our defensive driving course is also perfect for licensed Vancouver motorists who are looking to brush up on their driving skills in order to better handle hazardous weather conditions. North Shore Driving School is a premier driving school in Vancouver. Call 604-988-1138 today to set up an appointment.

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