Tips for Elderly Drivers

As we get older, our bodies change and can make it difficult to perform routine tasks that we used to complete with ease. For many people, driving becomes more difficult with hip and knee pain, vision issues, and other factors that come with old age. If you or your loved one are getting older and have concerns about staying safe on the road, taking some simple steps toward more confident and safe driving conditions can go a long way.

3 Ways for Senior Drivers to Stay Safe on the Road

  1. Get Regular Health Checks – Having regular vision and hearing tests will help you identify problems with your physical capabilities before they cause a problem for you or other drivers on the road. Being alert on the road depends to a large extent on your ears and eyes, so catching any problems early can help you stay safe. Diabetes, seizures, or other chronic conditions should also be managed and checked up on regularly. Take your medication as prescribed and restrict driving as necessary, especially if there are side effects such as drowsiness or dizziness associated with your prescriptions.
  2. Make Proper Arrangements – As your eyes change and vision deteriorates, many people experience difficulty driving at night. If you have to attend an evening event or will be heading home after dark, call a cab or arrange to have someone else drive you home. Plan your route and study maps ahead of time so you feel confident on the road. If new prescriptions, glasses, or other health concerns make you uncomfortable driving in adverse weather conditions or on busy highways, it is best to avoid getting behind the wheel. Sign up for driving lessons in the Vancouver area to refresh your driving skills or figure out alternative transportation to help you travel safely.
  3. Identify Warning Signs – Decreased reaction time, stiffness, forgetfulness and other factors can lead to unsafe driving and accidents on the road. Be aware of these symptoms and take note of any changes you experience in your driving skills, habits, or techniques. Consult with your doctor about driving and take your skills into your own hands with refresher courses, learning defensive driving techniques, and by staying physically active.

If you are interested in improving your driving skills as you age and staying safe on the road, North Shore Driving School Ltd. offers senior driving refresher courses to help you or your loved one keep their confidence behind the wheel. We offer individual lessons at our driving schools throughout Whistler, Vancouver, and surrounding areas.

Schedule your driving lessons today. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us online or give us a call at 604-988-1138.0

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