Tips for Trucking Time Management

Even people who love driving can face fatigue and difficulty when taking on long drives. Truck drivers know this better than anyone. Logging many hours driving can take a toll mentally and physically, so learning to properly manage your time and break up the drive is crucial in order to stay safe, keep alert, and enjoy the journey.

Time Management Tips for Truck Drivers

  • Start gradually – There is a learning curve that comes with truck driving. It takes time to be able to take on the impressive, huge number of hours that truck drivers are able to take on as they gain more experience. Don’t fool or force yourself by trying to conquer a huge mileage goal on your first drive. Just like any job, it takes experience to be able to anticipate traffic, road conditions, parking availability and mentally take on the demands of the job. Give yourself time to master the job and work towards improving and developing rather than setting a new record on your first drive.
  • Park early – Parking your truck at night can be one of the most time-consuming and frustrating parts of the truck driving. After 6 pm during winter months and 7 pm during the summer, parking spots fill up fast. If you wait too long, you could be left without a spot or with additional hours on your work day searching for somewhere to leave your truck. Park early, rise early and you will spend your time behind the wheel logging miles rather than circling a full lot.
  • Master the skills – If you aren’t confident in the way you handle your vehicle in all weather and road conditions, an hour of driving can feel like eternity. It helps to start with a good foundation of driving skills that focus on the peculiarities of truck driving. North Shore Driving School’s truck driving school serving Abbotsford and surrounding areas, has driving lessons that will ensure you are equipped with the tips and skills necessary to take on long stretches of road backed by heavy cargo.
  • Avoid traffic – Whenever possible, timing your stops and route to avoid congested traffic from rush hour or special events will help you immensely on the road. Schedule to arrive at heavy traffic areas during low times, either late at night or mid-day, in order to limit the amount of time you spend idling. You can’t always predict traffic conditions, but a little planning and thought can help you make your hours and miles count.

North Shore Driving School Ltd. has a professional driving school in Burnaby offering driving lessons to Langley and surrounding areas. From practical tips to skilled technique training, our staff can help you start an exciting and challenging career as a truck driver. Whether you are a beginner, veteran, or elderly driver, we offer a range of driving lessons and courses to keep everyone safe on the road.

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