Tips on how to pass your driving test in BC

At North Shore Driving School, we know that not everyone does well under testing conditions. Even if you’re a great driver, you may feel the pressure of getting it right while under scrutiny. The best way to prepare for your driving test is to get the best advice possible and practice as much as you can.

Here are just a few common-sense tips we at North Shore Driving School can offer you before you take your road test:

Practice as much as you can beforehand
It may sound obvious, but a lot of drivers might feel nervous getting behind the wheel—especially if you’re going somewhere with more experienced drivers. Remember, however, that the best way to gain confidence is through experience. Take advantage of every opportunity you get to practice your driving in a real-world setting.

Get a good night’s rest
Even if you’re the sort of person that gets nervous about testing, the best thing you can do the night before your exam is to get a good night’s sleep. If you’re well rested, your memory will be more acute and your reflexes will be in top shape.

Don’t forget to check your car’s settings before starting the engine
One common mistake that a lot of people make if they haven’t taken a driving test before is to rush to get the car started and get on their way. It’s understandable that you’d want to get the test over with as soon as possible, but try not to rush at the expense of getting things right. Before you start the engine, be sure to go through a check of your car’s settings. Are the mirrors correctly positioned? Have you buckled your seatbelt? Getting these details right every time is what safe driving is all about.

Know what the examiners will be looking for
The people who administer driving tests aren’t out to get you. They’re simply trying to do their job of making sure that drivers in British Columbia meet safety standards. The examiner’s job is not to see if you mean well when driving a car or whether you know the rules of the road in your head—it’s to make sure you can demonstrate safe driving habits and procedures. Be sure you know the things that a driving examiner will be looking for before you take the test, and carefully demonstrate your mastery of those skills.

Get the best help you can to prepare
Attending a well-respected professional driving school to prepare for the driving exam is a great idea for everyone in British Columbia. Whether you’re taking your test for the first time or you simply want to brush up on a few essential skills, we’re here to help. Contact us for professional lessons at North Shore Driving School today.

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