Professional Driver Improvement Course: Road Etiquette

The Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC) is specifically designed for drivers working in the transportation industry to help them improve their road etiquette and learn new safe driving concepts. This course will help you move forward as a professional driver. To ensure you clear this course, North Shore Driving School’s trainers will guide you through the Professional Driver Improvement Course in Burnaby. Each PDIC program is taught at our Burnaby driving school and is available to students throughout the Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland areas.

PDIC Course Content

Commercial drivers are advised to take the PDIC course as a regulation requirement. During the training, you’ll become better informed about safe driving practices. The course also covers different case studies, driving tips, driving techniques, passing, collision prevention points, driving conditions, driver’s awareness, vehicle inspection and more. If you have any queries or questions about any topic, feel free to ask our trainers.

PDIC focuses on:

  • Preventing collisions
  • Safety measures
  • Delivering the cargo safely and on time
  • Maintaining good driving habits
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Reducing vehicle abuse and injuries
  • Course Outline, Key Elements and Duration

PDIC is an organized course designed to help improve your skills as a professional driver. But the beauty of this course is that is can be tailored to your specific needs. Our team will ensure all the key elements of the course are covered.


  • Meaning and importance of attitude, image, customer and public relations
  • Mental, physical fitness and on-the-job performance
  • How to inspect the vehicle’s condition to meet regulatory and legal safety standards
  • Recognizing and responding to adverse driving conditions
  • Collision avoidance
  • Understanding the meaning of preventable accidents
  • Learning about hazards, taking precautions and safe backing techniques
  • Video sessions on defensive driving

Key Elements

  • Defensive driving
  • Driver attitude
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Vehicle care and inspection
  • Intersection and road safety
  • Reduce vehicle collisions
  • Productive practices
  • Duration
  • Maximum of 8 students per course.

For any queries regarding the course, feel free to contact our truck division.