Truck Industry Careers to Consider

Becoming a trucker does not necessarily mean you have to take jobs for the long haul. You can make a long-term career in the truck industry while still staying in your hometown or even driving to neighbouring areas. The number of truck industry jobs continues to grow each year and if you are looking for an exciting career opportunity, now is the time to see all that this career field has to offer.

What Types of Trucking Careers are Out There?

Whether you are fully prepared to drive cross-border or you want to keep it local, here are some career paths to consider in the trucking industry:

  • Ice Road Trucker – This is an extremely dangerous job, but also one that pays very well. You typically have a 414 mile route in the Arctic Circle with extremely hazardous weather conditions to face, but also a potential salary of over $100,000 each year.
  • Dump Truck Driver – Numerous industries need dump truck drivers, from construction to mining to oil fields, and more. Depending on the industry, you may be surprised at the generous salary that comes along with this trucking career option.
  • Oversized Hauls – You have seen these on the road in Canada yourself. They are large trucks with signs and signals on the sides and rear stating they are “oversized loads.” These often remain local and can transport everything from sewage equipment to drainage to even homes.
  • Liquid Haulers – This job involves transporting liquids, including chemicals, water, gasoline, etc. You could work for a contracting company or a private company.
  • Car Haulers – These companies haul cars from vehicle manufacturing plants to sales lots, transport specialty cars for private customers, and so on. You may even join a company that specializes in luxury car transport, which can take you all over the country or even to neighbouring countries.
  • Driving in Iraq – The military often hires civilian contractors to drive their trucks for them. You could earn a hearty salary driving military equipment, transporting liquids or even transporting food and supplies around Iraq.

To Join the Trucking Industry, You Need Proper Training

Before you can take advantage of these trucking careers, you need the proper training and licensing. A Class 1 driving school in Abbotsford gives you the training necessary to operate commercial vehicles, and this training is required to get your commercial license.

North Shore Driving School, Ltd.’s truck driving school in Burnaby offers everything from Class 1 courses to airbrake courses for Abbotsford, Richmond and Surrey residents and private training. If you want to enter a career in trucking, we have the skilled instructors to help make it happen.

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