What new drivers need to know about car insurance

Owning and operating a car responsibly starts with attending an excellent driving school to acquire all the essential knowledge about driving a car. But your responsibilities don’t end with simply learning how to safely operate your vehicle. You also need the best car insurance you can get. Whether you’ve just learned how to drive and are thinking of purchasing a car, or you’ve been driving for a while and would like to know a bit more about how car insurance works, here are the basics that every driver should know.

What is car insurance?

Car insurance ensures that you can cover large expenses in the case of an accident or other type of incident. The idea is fairly simple: you pay a small regular fee into a larger fund and if your car gets damaged or stolen, or someone gets hurt while operating the car, the insurance company will cover the involved costs. There are a lot of different kinds of car insurance and varying types of contracts or “policies” that will cover you in distinct situations.

Why is it important?

First and foremost, car insurance is mandated by the government for every car owner in Canada who wants to drive on public roads and highways. Furthermore, owning and maintaining a car is expensive. If an accident occurs or if your car is broken into, most people don’t have the kind of cash it takes to repair the damage. Insurance is important not only to follow the law, but also to protect you from having to pay huge expenses out of your own pocket.

How can I get car insurance?

There are many different kinds of insurance companies who offer car insurance. However, it can be advantageous to work with an insurance broker, as they’re typically able to find the best combination of insurance policies available from differing companies. If you already have life or home insurance, for example, chances are that your broker will be able to add car insurance to your existing arrangement.

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