What To Do If You Fail Your Driving Test In B.C.

If you’ve failed your first test, failed multiple times, or your license has expired before you can take your exam, follow these steps to get back on track! 

For many, getting your license is considered a young adult milestone and a rite of passage. You probably set reminders in your calendar, counted down the days, and told all your friends that you were going to pick them up and go for a ride as soon as you finished the test!

However, not everyone is able to pass their driving exam on the first try. When you’re a new driver, failing to pass your ICBC driving test can be a huge blow to your confidence. But instead of feeling discouraged, it’s time to regroup and come up with a plan on how to pass your next test!

North Shore Driving School wants to offer you the advice you need to become a fully licenced driver whether you’re driving through North Vancouver, West Vancouver or anywhere else in our beautifully scenic province.

Wait times after failing your driving test

After an unsuccessful attempt at passing your driving test, you can’t retake the test immediately. Instead, you have to wait a designated amount of time, which varies based on your testing history.

The wait times after failing to pass a N (Novice) test and full licence test are the same. They’re as follows:

  • First failed attempt: 14 days
  • Second failed attempt: 30 days
  • Three or more failed attempts: 60 days

If your license has been expired for more than three years, you’ll either need to exchange your current out-of-province licence for a B.C. licence or need to be tested again for each vehicle class you were allowed to drive. Should you fail to pass that test, the wait times listed above apply as well.

Next steps after failing your test

While you’re waiting to retake your driving test, it’s important to be proactive. To increase your odds of passing next time, we recommend following these steps:

  • Ask your evaluator for feedback. Upon completing your driving test, the evaluator will go over your results with you. If you don’t earn a passing score, ask them for detailed feedback and ask follow-up questions if you’re unclear.
  • Get back behind the wheel. After failing a driving test, many new drivers are discouraged and tempted to take a few weeks off from driving. However, taking a break isn’t encouraged! By avoiding driving, your skills can quickly fade.
  • Practice, practice, practice. If you asked your evaluator for feedback, they no doubt outlined some areas in your driving that need improvement. Now that you know your weak spots, it’s important to practice regularly to improve them.


If you recently failed a driving test, North Shore Driving School can help. Based in North Vancouver, our highly regarded driving school offers courses taught by professional instructors and serves the Greater Vancouver Area, including West Vancouver, Lions Bay, Deep Cove and Bowen Island.

Contact us today and begin working towards passing your next driving test with flying colours!

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