Why it’s important for your teen to attend driving school

For many Canadian teens, learning how to drive is an important rite of passage into adulthood. Getting a 7L licence is a great moment for many young people, but for their parents, it’s also the start of a whole new set of worries. To make sure that your children become safe drivers, you should encourage them to get the practice they need with professional guidance from a driving school.

At North Shore Driving School, we’ve been helping Vancouverites learn how to become safe, responsible drivers since 1961. If your teen is ready to learn how to drive, here are just a few reasons that attending driving school is one of the best possible ways for him or her to acquire this skill.

• Prevents your teen from developing bad driving habits. If you’ve been driving for years, you can probably understand how difficult it is to break a bad driving habit once you’ve developed one. Whether its rolling through a stop sign or just going a bit too fast on the highway, you likely don’t want your child to become accustomed to dangerous behaviours. When it comes to safe driving, it’s never too early to start learning the best habits.

• Practice will help your teen advance more quickly. It’s tough sometimes for parents to balance the need for their teen to practice driving and the desire to protect them from harm. However, the only way for your child to improve their driving skills is to put in lots of time behind the wheel. Parents should let their teen practice frequently and the safest way to do so, is with the help of a professional driving instructor.

• Driving school helps your teen drive safer. For an experienced driver, all the complex, coordinated movements involved in operating a car seem natural. Likewise, the many rules of the road seem straightforward and clearcut. When you’re just starting out, however, driving is complex and there’s little that seems obvious about it. Fortunately, driving lessons from a professional driving school will provide the training your teen needs to become a safe and conscientious driver.

• Driving school looks good to insurance companies. Even with the best training, it’s a statistical fact that young, relatively inexperienced drivers get into accidents more frequently than more mature drivers. This is why insurance rates will always be higher for a new driver. When calculating premiums, however, most insurance companies will consider someone who’s gone to driving school to be a safer bet than someone who hasn’t.

If you’re interested in getting the best training to ensure that your teen will have everything he or she needs to be a safe, responsible driver, contact us at North Shore Driving School today. You can even take a refresher course yourself, so you can polish your own skills and share the experience with your teen.

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